Why Protein Water

1. Post-workout protein hit for recovery

Take your training to the next level with our protein-infused flavoured vitamin waters. Each re-energising bottle is injected with a little hit of fat-free protein to aid in muscle recovery. With only 50 calories and no carbs, you can get back to lifting, lunging, or hurtling down a mountain bike trail without missing a beat.

2. Vitamin-packed hydration while you work out

Stay completely hydrated and energised on your after-work city run, or sweating through hot yoga. With fantastic flavours and the added boost of B vitamins, Barracudos helps you push the bar, however you love to work out. You’ll be smashing Tough Mudders in no time.

3. Defence against an attack of the snacks

We all know our friend protein isn’t just for gym lovers, and that protein-packed meals can help you stay fuller for longer. But sometimes work or play gets in the way. With only 50 calories, downing a protein-injected Barracudos is a quick and delicious way to ensure those mid-afternoon biscuits won’t be calling your name.

4. Great-tasting refreshment when you're on the go

Looking for a refreshing, on-the-go alternative to water? Barracudos is more than just water. Our protein vitamin waters keep you hydrated while tasting delish, with B vitamins for a bit of extra oomph. We don’t add any sugar, and there’s just 45 calories in each bottle. You’ll feel light, refreshed and balanced, ensuring you’ll be at your best all day long.