About Us

Barracudos: Creating the Next Generation of Health Drinks

Barracudos is an exciting new health and well-being brand creating full-flavoured vitamin waters with a little hit of protein and a burst of B vitamins to support a healthy lifestyle.

Our products form an innovative bridge between basic vitamin-infused water and ‘heavy’ high protein sports drinks.

Spotting a gap in the market, London-based entrepreneur Fahad Younas set to work developing a refreshing, delicious drink with health benefits that would keep him going throughout the day.

The result? Great-tasting, sugar-free health drinks with a hit of carb-free and fat-free protein, and a blast of B vitamins to boot.

Barracudos takes refreshment, hydration and muscle recovery to the next level, with high quality on-the-go products that help you push the bar in everything you do, every day.

Be your best self with Barracudos.

Barracudos Flavours


Apple & Pear

Sip some refreshingly delicious Apple & Pear and savour the juicy double-act sure to revitalise your day.

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Raspberry & Pomegranate

Zesty, punchy and flavour-packed, Raspberry & Pomegranate is the perfect rejuvenating kick for your body,...

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Mango & Peach

Uplifting, sweet and juicy, Mango & Peach is a delicious harmony of fruit flavours that will have you...

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